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Bob McGraw has a voice that you will instantly feel comfortable with. With a deep, warm, narrative style appropriate for a variety of voice over projects, clear elocution, and precise diction, Bob brings a real talent for communication to any voiceover job. He has a voice that is very easy on the ear: a voice you can trust! The guy next door. He has the ability to perform in a variety of styles including: whimsical, serious, academic, professional, announcer, sexy and intimate! More recently, Bob has trained with Bob Bergen (the Voice of Porky Pig) for animation character voices, and his acting coach is Dave Peleggi of Creative Studios.

Bob has a classically trained voice with extensive experience on the musical side of the house, including the United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chorale, the Savannah Symphony Chorale (including opera), and various church-based vocal groups over the span of the last 30-plus years. He also has broad experience speaking to groups in the education field including classroom teaching and seminar presentations in front of live audiences of all sizes (from small groups to national forums).

In addition, Bob has an extensive background in technical areas including mathematics and engineering. He is very comfortable with technical terminology and jargon, and has completed extensive graduate work in mathematics. Projects involving highly technical material are no problem!

Find out more about Bob here and listen to what he can do for your business here.

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